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1.  What are my costs for having an auction?  We can break out costs by commission, advertising, and set-up.

2.  What commission rate and what does it pay for?  Household on premises auctions start at 15%.   Commission covers all workers including auctioneers, clerk, cashier, handlers, tables, and boxes.

3.  What type of advertisement and the cost?  Newspaper ads, flyers, and signs are the most commonly used advertising tool.  We will show you in black and white what your advertising bill was and you will pay exactly what we pay.  Not a penny more!  We also have our own website www.mckaa.com .  Your auction will be posted on it as well as at www.auctionzip.com.  Check it out!

4.  What are set-up costs?  We can do as much or as little as you want.  As mentioned above in #2, we furnish tables, boxes, and show you how to set up your auctions.  If you would like our professional staff to set-up your auction or just move items, our charge is $9.00 per hour, per person.

5.  How are valuables protected?  We will use portable showcases to display your valuables for highest visibility and protection.

6. What happens to items left after an auction? We condense all remaining items into one central location for removal by agent of sellers’ choice and expense. (Trash Removal)

7. What happens during bad weather?  Most auctions are never cancelled due to bad weather.  On good days, all items are removed from the house and placed in the yard when space is available. Bad days, we cover floors and carpets for protection and offer canopies.

8. Are there any up front expenses?  Absolutely not.   When you get your money we get ours.  Final settlement will take place within 5 business days of the auction, usually sooner.

9. Who makes the list and writes the ad?  We do it all!

10. Who do I call for answers to further questions?  Call 813 716-4508 and schedule an appointment.