Auctions are fast, easy, and profitable way to help settle an estate.  In addition, we work hand-in-hand with attorneys providing our services to their clients settling family estates. 

The Auction Method has proven its merit time and time again in the sale of Real Estate and in the marketing of significant Personal Property.   All with an assured marked rate of success.  The industry of Auctioning Real Estate has grown to account for the sale of multibillions of dollars per year.  Such an outstanding success ratio should eliminate the concept that Auctions are for distressed properties only and should be viewed as a first option rather than a last.

There are many reasons why the Auction Method of marketing should be considered.

The premise is simple: when bidders compete, sellers win. Auctions keep the seller in control by establishing a price floor, eliminating a price ceiling, and allowing a choice of time, place, and terms. By providing a predictable sale date, they free the seller to make plans and move forward.

  • Auctions offer a fair, transparent process for all parties involved.
  • Only an auction truly determines a property’s current Fair Market Value.
  • Auctions create a unique sense of excitement and urgency.
  • Auctions can provide an “Arms Length” transaction in dissolving business relationship.
  • 1031 Exchanges can be facilitated in a timely fashion.
  • Multi-parcel auctions, live internet simulcasts auctions offer virtually unlimited flexibility.
  • Auctions provide cash on delivery of deed with no contingencies.
  • With competition among buyers prices can exceed appraised values many times this becomes a reality.